Presentations of the 2nd Sino-Spain Research and Innovation Forum (2019)

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Blanca Ros: Functional organic materials: From molecules to applications

Carlos Martín: MTBVAC: a new Tuberculosis Vaccine, from the lab to the efficacy clinical trials in endemic countries

Carlos Sánchez Somolinos: 4D printing of liquid crystal elastomers towards soft-robotic functions

Elísabet Pires: Opportunities in biorefinery: glycerol as a source of designer solvents

Emilio J. Juarez-Perez: Nanomaterials For Solar Energy Harvesting

Fernando J. Lahoz: Highlights of the Chemical Research at ISQCH. The Case of Chiral Metal Complexes Catalysts for Enantioselective Synthesis

Javier Campo: Neutron Scattering Experiments in the Multiferroic Molecular Magnet

Jon Schoorlemmer: In vitro stem cell models to study neurodegenerative disease

José Antonio Mayoral: From catalysis to sustainable chemistry and biorefinery

José Ramón Paño: We need that innovative ideas flourish. Let’s collaborate

Luis Alberto Angurel: Materials for energy applications and Laser technologies in the development of new properties 

Mª Concepción Gimeno: Synthesis and applications of novel organogold complexes

Mª Jesús Lázaro Elorri: Spanish National Research Council

Mª del Pilar Martín Duque: On the search for the perfect trojan horse for cancer therapy

Maria Pilar Pina: Nano-assisted Microdevices for Environmental & Homeland Security Sensing Applications

Raul Arenal: Hybrid Nanomaterials: Structural and Local Spectroscopic Studies via Advanced TEM