28 October

08:00 - 08:30


08:30 - 09:00

Opening ceremony

Xu Qiao, the President of Nanjing Tech University

José Antonio Mayoral, the Rector of University of Zaragoza

09:00 - 12:00

Plenary session

Chairs: Kai Guo, Blanca Ros

Field Speakers
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering José Antonio Mayoral, (UNIZAR-ISQCH)

From catalysis to sustainable chemistry and biorefinery

Zongpin Shao

Design of perovskite oxides for energy and environment applications

Materials and Nanoscience Jianpu Wang

Perovskite LEDs: High Efficiency and High Brightness

Luis Alberto Angurel (UNIZAR-ICMA)

Materials for energy applications and laser technologies in the development of new materials properties

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering Weiyi Zheng

The challenges and opportunities of orphan drug R&D in China

Carlos Martín (UNIZAR-IISA)

MTBVAC, a new tuberculosis vaccine moving to efficacy clinical trial

12:00 - 13:30


13:30 - 15:30

Invited session

Materials Science and Engineering

Chairs: Javier Campo, Yuwen Cui

Javier Campo (CISC-ICMA)
Neutron Scattering Experiments in the Multiferroic Molecular Magnet (ND4)2FeCl5·D2O

Zhongwei Gu
Bioinspired Peptide Dendrimeric Nanomedicine

Blanca Ros (UNIZAR-ICMA)
Functional organic materials: from molecules to applications

Xiangyu Zhao
Halide-based materials and chemistries for rechargeable batteries

Carlos Sanchez (CISC-ICMA)
4D printed actuators with soft-robotic functions

Liwu Mo
MgO expansive additive: a smart material toward mitigating the shrinkage cracking of concrete in infrastructure

María Jesús Lázaro (CISC)
Graphene-based electrocatalysts with enhanced performance for fuel cells and electrolysers

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Chairs: Fernando Lahoz, Hongyu Chen

Hongyu Chen
Regioselective Multi-step Nanosynthesis

Fernando Lahoz; (CSIC-ISQCH)
Highlights of Chemical Research at ISQCH – The Case of Chiral Metal-Complexes Catalysts for Enantioselective Synthesis

Ningzhong Bao
Controlled Synthesis of Graphene Oxide (GO) and its Functional Assembled Materials

Concepcion Gimeno (CSIC-ISQCH)
Synthesis and Applications of Organometallic Gold Complexes

Lili Zhao
Carbone chemistry and its applications in catalysis

Elisabet Pires (UNIZAR-ISQCH)
Opportunities in Biorefinery: Glycerol as a source of designer solvents

Li Jun
Outlook of Plasma Melting of MSW Fly Ash into Stable Vitrified Slag

15:30 - 15:45

Coffee break

15:45 - 17:45

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Chairs: Pilar Pina, Fengwei Huo

Fengwei Huo
Metal-Organic Framework Nano Composite Materials

Pilar Pina (UNIZAR-INA)
Nano-assisted Microdevices for Environmental & Homeland Security Sensing Applications

Xiao Huang
2D heterostructures for high performance gas sensors

Emilio Juarez (ARAID)
Nanomaterials For Solar Energy Harvesting

Jixin Zhu
Rational Design of Advanced Carbon Hybrids for Li Ion Storage

Raul Arenal (ARAID)
Hybrid Nanomaterials: Structural and Local Spectroscopic Studies via Advanced TEM

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering

Chairs: Jose Ramon Pano, Zhigang Zhang

Jose Ramon Pano (UNIZAR-IISA)
Aragon Health Research Institute (IIS Aragón): an overview from a clinican’s perspective

Kequan Chen
Using lysine as raw materials for chemical production by whole-cell catalysis

Jon Schoorlemmer (ARAID)
In vitro stem cell models for neurodegenerative disease

Zhigang Zhang
Discovery and Development of New Biocatalysts for Green Chemistry

Pilar Martin (ARAID)
On the search for the perfect trojan horse for cancer and other pathologies

Tianyue Jiang
Oligopeptide hydrogels for topical drug delivery

17:45 - 18:00

Closing ceremony

Hongyan Rui, Party secretary of Nanjing Tech University

Teresa Galvez Jaques, Director of Aragon Agency for Research and Development ARAID